Natural Constipation Remedies

Constipation is when the bowel movement is restricted and dose not occurs three times per week. It is a disease related to the digestive system. This happens when the stools becomes too hard, and dry-due to excessive absorption of water in the alimentary canal- which makes it difficult to eliminate the stools. During constipation a person feels pain during the bowel movement, feeling of incomplete evacuation and pain during evacuation. Constipation mostly occurs in children and older adults which are above 65 ages. There are many causes of constipation like constipation in toddlers and adults such as eating a low fiber food, dehydration, and fluids such as alcohol. Hence, knowing a few natural constipation remedies would come in handy when that time comes.

It can be treated by certain medicines such as iron supplements but defiantly a doctor’s recommendation is required, but there a certain and very useful natural constipation remedies as a proper fuel is needed to keep the machinery working and in a good condition.

The natural constipation remedies include tips such as:

• Every morning, squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it. It’s very useful in proper bowel movement.
• During cooking try to use cumin powder, asafoetida, coriander and turmeric powder. These natural herbs help in proper digestion.
• Avoid constipation by avoiding fast foods, prepared or instant foods and frozen foods which have low fiber.
• Avoid eating too much white rice, potatoes, deep frying foods and also cheese and ice creams.
• Eating foods which are rich in fiber such as cabbage, carrots and fresh fruits. The skin of all these foods contains a lot of bulk fiber that improve the bowel movement. The fruits also have a high water content which adds to the easier movement of stool.
• Avoid drinks that contain caffeine as it can cause dehydration as it causes the stool to become too hard and dry to be moved along the colon easily.
• Another excellent relief is to consume dates and raisins. Boil these in milk and drink it after cooling, before going to bed. (not advisable for people having diabetes)
• Fruit juices are the best to give relief from any disease, for constipation drink apple juice twice a day. Apart from that put grapes in warm water on night and drink it the next day.

Natural constipation remedies are very effective as they not only prevent and treat constipation they also improve your digestion. Eating rich fibrous snacks can also help such as barn muffins and popcorn. It’s not a good idea to be dependent on laxatives as these may result in destroying your colon. The natural remedies for any disorder are easy and effective which are also affordable and without that bitter taste of medicines.

When you have such good and easy natural constipation remedies then why go for laxatives and other medicines as these are very effective. As health is wealth! So eat well and stay fit and healthy!